Friday, 2 January 2015

when you have to stop eat to build slim fit body

Slim fit body is any women dreams. When the women think about slim fit body so they mind about how hard to build it. Somehow, women keep her body stay slim with the big effort. So many things to do to build slim fit body. Gym, fitness even alive with no food. It can be dangerous if the women stay hungry with no food, we can call it anorexia. So when the women have to stop eating to build slim fit body??

Basically, we have to now that our body get intake from food and outtake if it take exercise. So if the intake is excessive rather than outtake so it can cause obesity. The ideal condition if the intake and outtake are ballance. You know, it need some trick to balancing the intake and outtake. Here it is the explanation. Intake and outtake is about calorie that we get from the food we eat. So when we eat the calorie will increase in our body, and will we take exercise the calorie will be burn up.